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Infrastructure Services 

IT Consulting
& Dental/Medical Services

BTM is a full solution Company that provides IT and Dental/Medical Services to tailor customer's needs.

Our mission is to ensure your business a high performance and a reliable infrastructure by implementing necessary changes and supporting a continuous flow of your business operations. 

With BTM, all your needs in one place.

Our Services

BTM provides full solutions for your business 

Our Services

Infrastructure Services

BTM can manage your IT infrastructure and will use the best practices to serve your business. BTM offers flexibility and continuous support to make your business successful.



BTM Cloud back up services allows you to store all your files and data in its Cloud and backup any folder you need. Storage capacity, security and performance are only a few BTM options to consider when choosing the service. 

Managed Cyber Security

BTM specializes in constant monitoring, management and data protection for your business needs. BTM's aim is to detect any potential threats and handle them in order to keep your data safe. 

Digital Marketing

BTM offers a variety of IT courses with certified instructors that will help you acquire new skills and advance your professional development in the technical field. Whether group or individual classes, you will have the best learning experience with BTM. 

Dental Equipment Services 

BTM provides high-quality Dental Equipment Services that includes installation, maintenance and repair at an affordable price. Customer satisfaction is our number One goal.

Medical Equipment


BTM installs, services and  supports different types of medical equipment. BTM professional engineers will ensure you with onsite emergency repairs and a full range of services to fit your needs.


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